Clever Cuisine

The home of quality Gourmet Foods - Delivered to your Door

Clever Cuisine have been supplying quality gourmet foods for over 20 years, if you have any queries about our products please do email or call us, the details are on our contact page.

All our Products are of the finest Quality and Highest Standard, normally only found in First Class Restaurants. We use only specially selected Premium Quality Produce.

Beef Burgers Quarter pound

Pure ground sirloin with no additives, made specially for Clever Cuisine
Chicken Strips

Succulent chicken inner breast fillets ideal for stir-frying casseroles curries and for childrens small portions
Langoustines 8-12

Great roasted in the oven and served whole with lemon and mayonnaise or split in half, coated in butter and herbs and grilled.
Natural Smoked Haddock

Smoked Haddock Fillets smoked over oak chips in the traditional way. The fillets are cured in salt brine then dried and cold smoked. There are no additives or colouring used in this process. The result is a lemony colour and marvellous flavour when cooked. Poach, steam or pan fry in olive oil.